Body Transfer (from old to new cab)

Experience the durability and longevity of Po Chuan truck bodies. Our exceptional craftsmanship ensures that our van bodies often outlast their cab and chassis. Introducing our specialized service for transferring Po Chuan truck bodies to new cabs and chassis.

Designed exclusively for Po Chuan truck bodies, this service combines our 80-year-old technology with precision and expertise. Upgrade to a brand new cab and chassis while preserving the reliable performance and durability of your Po Chuan van body.

Repairs for Other Manufacturers

At Po Chuan, we are dedicated to restoring your truck body to its optimal condition. Please be aware that the extent of repairs may vary based on the original construction and materials used by other manufacturers.

While we take pride in our exceptional craftsmanship and expertise in truck body repairs, it’s important to note that we have no control over the quality of workmanship provided by other manufacturers. However, we are committed to doing our best to address and repair any damages or issues encountered.

*Service available for all brands, subject to thorough onsite assessment.

Japan Surplus Upgrade and Customization

Upgrade and customize your surplus van body with our professional services. From realigning foundation structures to adding side doors and vents, replacing flooring, restoring interiors, and reconstructing outer aluminum coverings, we offer comprehensive customization options tailored to your needs. 

Elevate your surplus van body with Po Chuan’s expertise.

*Service available for all brands, subject to assessment.

Other Truck Body Modification Services

Explore our comprehensive range of truck body modification services. With over 8 decades of industry experience, we are equipped to provide expert assistance and recommendations for your existing truck body. Simply send us an email and attach photos from different angles: passenger side, driver side, rear door, and interior. This will enable us to have an initial assessment of your specific needs and offer tailored solutions.

Experience professional truck body modifications with Po Chuan.

*Service available for all brands, subject to onsite assessment.


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