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Immerse yourself in the unmatched craftsmanship of Po Chuan Truck Body Builder, with over 80 years of exceptional expertise in delivering a wide range of standard and custom-made van body types

Embrace the mastery of Po Chuan Truck Body Builder, with over 80 years of proven industry prowess. Trust us to be your ultimate investment when it comes to custom heavy-duty truck bodies built for long-lasting durability.

As the experts in building van bodies that stand the test of time, we follow two simple principles:

  1. We ensure a solid structural van foundation.
  2. We exclusively work with premium raw materials.

We understand and appreciate the hard work you’ve put into your company, and now it’s time to take it to the next level. Upgrade your current fleet and invest in a Po Chuan truck body. Together, we’ll drive your business ahead of the competition.

Let's forge your company's lasting legacy together.

Consult with us to address your current truck body issues and overcome recurring delivery truck problems. With our extensive experience, we have witnessed numerous smart workarounds, best practices, and industry innovations.
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